Thursday, June 18, 2015

Meet Vega

Shauna Brock is an award winning writer and activist from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Born in Syracuse, NY but raised in Salt Lake City, Shauna comes to the writing world with a passion for cultivating the modern fairy tale. Rather than princes and princesses, she loves stories of rock stars, actresses, and the shadows that follow them. Her first novel, Shadows in the Spotlight, tells the story of gay and bisexual musicians surviving the roller coaster of the 80’s metal scene in LA and is still seeking a publisher. It received an Honorable Mention from the Utah Arts Council in 2011 in their annual writing contest.

She discovered activism as a child when her mother became involved with the Americans with Disabilities Act movement. She grew up in non-profits, including Art Access in Utah, where she saw how powerful and empowering community integration can be for all communities as she watched the disabled community grow in power and influence in all walks of life. In college, she worked with BiAustin and while living in North Carolina became involved in the Pagan Pride movement. Later, she went on to co-found Utah’s 1 to 5 Club, which is a network for asexual/pansexual/bisexual/sexually fluid identified individuals in the Salt Lake area. She still serves on the leadership team. In addition, she is the current moderator for the Salt Lake City Writer’s Group, which is a critiquing and networking group for writers in Salt Lake.

Over the past fifteen years, she has written for the Utah Jazz, PageantZine.Net, and is currently the editor of The Wasatch Scope, the quarterly newsletter for the Utah Independent Living Center, where she also teaches advocacy and independent living skills. Her work has been published in print and online zines and been picked up by sites such as Yahoo!Sports.

Shauna currently makes her home in South Salt Lake City, where she shares space with her mother and the sweetest pit bull mix in existence.

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